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Smart Prayer Mat: Your Kids Islam AI Tutor

Smart Prayer Mat: Your Kids Islam AI Tutor

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Meet Interactive prayer mat, a special prayer mat made just for kids! It's designed to make learning how to pray fun and easy. This mat is like a magic carpet that teaches children the Muslim prayer with the touch of their fingers.

Cool Features:

  • Touch and Learn: The mat has 36 spots that make sounds when touched. Kids can hear about prayer times, how to wash for prayer (Wudu), learn prayers (Surahs and Duas), and more.
  • Learn in Many Languages: My Salah Mat speaks 15 different languages, including English, Arabic, French, and more. This means lots of kids can use it, no matter what language they speak at home.
  • All About Prayer: The mat teaches kids everything about praying, like when to pray, how to stand, and what to say.
  • Automatic Play: When kids stand on the mat, it can show them how to do a full prayer from start to finish.
  • Safe and Strong: The mat is safe for kids. It's been checked to make sure it meets safety rules in many countries. It's also waterproof, can't catch fire easily, and doesn't break if you fold it.
  • No Dangerous Batteries: It works with 3 AA batteries and doesn't need the kind of batteries that can be harmful.

Why Kids Love Interactive prayer mat:

This Mat makes learning to pray exciting and easy. It's like having a friend to guide them through the steps of prayer. The mat's sounds and interactive features keep kids interested and help them remember how to pray. Plus, it's built to last and safe to use, giving parents peace of mind.

With Interactive prayer mat, kids can enjoy learning about their prayers and feel proud of what they learn. It's a wonderful way for children to get closer to their faith in a fun and interactive way.

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